QR codes for guests

  • QR codes to call a waiter or online menu
  • No need for applications for waiter or guests
  • Customize buttons
  • Free setup and integration

Tables management

  • Add as many tables as you need
  • Each table is having unique QR code
  • Two printable PDF templates - table tents and stickers.
  • Templates are customizable - set font size and text
  • Get QR codes in PNG or SVG for custom design

Customize buttons

  • Add as many buttons you want
  • Customize any colors
  • Change buttons order

Notifications delivery

Messages are delivered to "Devices".
This can be any device - phone, tablet or desktop

  • Get notified in Telegram and Browser
  • Link tables to devices
  • Switch delivery to certain device. For example, if waiter having a vacation - his device can be muted in 1 click
  • Add our @hey_waiter_bot Telegram bot to group chats
  • Notifications can be displayed on Smart watch

Online menu

  • Upload PDF menu
  • Menu will appear under button, which guests see after QR code scan
  • Customize menu button text


  • See how much calls you get
  • See how often each button is getting pressed
  • More statistics coming...