Here's how to declutter your table with single QR for everything.

heywaiter 3 min read

In the post COVID normal, restaurants have adopted QR codes like they have never done before. There are a plethora of apps that allow restaurants to extend touchless payment/check close, send orders to POS or simply view the menu. Anyone with a bit of tech background would know that QR codes are just a way of launching a website on customers' phones but they have exploded only recently, primarily due to Covid-19 and also as a general trend of the market moving away from native apps for one off use of a website. QR codes also help web developers launch their web products a lot quicker and validate the product market fit before actually launching a full fledged native iOS or Android app per the market demand. 

In the case of restaurants, guests usually refrain from installing new apps on their phone, just to go through the painful process of signup, adding payments and remembering the password for the next time they have to use them, not to mention the little loading icon that takes forever to install when you are ready to make a payment at the time of the checkout. That is just not feasible for the guests who just want to have a good time and do not like running into technical issues at the point of service.

Lately, with the number of QR code apps competing for space on the table it has become challenging by itself to manage them. In a typical casual dine restaurant, you may have one QR for viewing the menu, one for advertising a special, one for ordering or payment and so on.

Heywaiter solves that challenge by consolidating multiple QRs into one. lets you create custom buttons for server calls (soda refill, bring check, ordering etc.). But it also lets you add buttons for any urls that you can use to add other QR code links. Below is a snapshot of how it would appear upon scanning. 


With heywaiter, not only you can merge and consolidate other QR codes but also allow your guests to send custom messages to FOH/BOH, improve customer service and have quicker table turns/higher average checks. For more information on the available features, visit  We are offering 7 day free trial period for the new signups. 

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