Create free QR code menus for your restaurant

heywaiter 1 min read is now giving restaurant owners Basic subscriptions tier that allows them to upload multiple pdf menus and generate QR codes for free. Forever!!! no tricks or gimmicks!!! is primarily an in-restaurant notification service that allows guests and POS systems to send notifications to front and back of the house staff via custom buttons on the guest's smartphones, which they can invoke via QR codes or nfc tags. The notifications are delivered on smartwatches, smartphones via telegram bots or browser running on tablets. The service also allows restaurant owners and operators to upload a pdf menu which the guest can browse without needing a physical one. Furthermore, you also have the ability to create a browsable menu which allows you to send order notifications to your serving staff and kitchen systems. has recently created two pricing tiers for their service. The Ultimate tier gives you all the functionality mentioned above for a low monthly subscription. However, heywaiter wants to partner with the restaurants who may not have the need for everything we offer but still might want to leverage the basic tier that allows them to build a digital pdf menu that their customers can access via QR codes. The Basic tier is free for lifetime. Restaurants can download and print their own QR codes. Here's a summary of both pricing tiers you can also find on our website. offers free trial for seven days that restaurant owners/operator can try for themselves before signing up for the Ultimate subscription. Or they can continue using the basic tier for the "display menu only" functionality for as long as they want. 

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